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ANTHONY'S LIST OF GEORGIA STATE PARKS (He has visited these and more to come!)

Amicalola Falls State Park | Vickery Creek Falls Roswell Mill (Old Mill Park) | Cascade Springs Nature Preserve  | Sope Creek Paper Mill Ruins |High Falls State Park

Sweetwater Creek State Park  | East Palasaides, Indian Creek Road | Blue Heron Nature Preserve  | Sawnee Mountain Trail  | Cochran Mills 

3LWTV Contributor

Travel...the best things in life are (almost) free.

2020, relentless in its despair, has forced us to alter our way of life.  Those who adore travel definitely feel stifled.  With international borders closed how can we satisfy that craving to get out and about? Explore locally!  

3LWTV reached out to international world traveler Anthony Antoine to find out he’s coping and what local treasures he’s found near his home in Atlanta.